We participate in the Two Counties tournament usually held between October and May with frequent Sunday fixtures. This allows us to improve our game by playing a variety of different teams.  Forest finished 6th in the league

Match dateMatch TimePlayingResult  
6th October 201811.00-12.00Forest vs Stapleford Stars22-19 (Forest)
21st October 201810.00-11.00Forest vs Stapleford Shadows28-27 (Forest)
28th October 201810.00-11.00Forest vs Bingham33-14 (Bingham)
4th November 201810.00-11.00Forest vs Firecrackers32-17 (Firecrackers)
18th November 201810.00-11.00Forest vs Harliquinns26-17 (Forest)
25th November 20189.00-12.00Fancy Dress TournamentTeam Wham
Team Spandau Ballet
13th January 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Hucknall Queens32-27 (Forest)
20th January 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Valkyries Black30-16 (Valkyries)
27th January 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Riverside Scarlets27-19 (Forest) Friendly
3rd February 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Southwell24-21 (Forest)
10th February 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Southbank25-31 (Southbank)
17th February 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Stapleford Scarlets36-19 (Stapleford Scarlets)
24th February 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Stapleford Stars34-34
3rd March 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Stapleford Shadows47-17 (Shadows)
10th March 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Bingham28-27 (Forest)
13th March 201919.00-20.00Forest vs Valkyries Black35-32 (Forest)
17th March 201911.00-12.00Forest vs Firecrackers25-21 (Firecrackers)
24th March 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Harliquinns29-25 (Forest)
7th April 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Hucknall Queens37-20 (Forest)
5th May 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Riverside Scarlets26-6 (Forest)
12th May 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Southwell20-19 (Forest)
19th May 201909.00-12.00TournamentTeam Forest
Team Flights
26th May 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Southbank26-25 (Southbank)
2nd June 201910.00-11.00Forest vs Stapleford Scarlets34-28 (Forest)
17th JulyFinal ResultsForest6th place/12