Forest Netball Club originally formed from England Netball’s ‘Back to Netball’ scheme. The original sessions in 2010/2011 were held for employees of Nottingham University Hospitals, until Summer 2011 when two teams were formed, Bows and Arrows and the name Forest NC was founded. The club began advertising to recruit players from across Nottingham, eventually adding a third team, Flights, to the club in 2014.

During this time, two of our ladies gained Level 2 coaching qualifications to continue developing the club. We participated in the newly formed Nottingham Back to Netball League, as well as weekend tournaments in Lincoln and Newark, gaining our first club trophy in 2014 after winning the Lincoln Grand Prix. This very successful year for us earned us the Most Improved Club award at the 2014 Nottingham Sports Awards.

In 2015, we worked with Nottingham City Council to offer free sport for new participants in two schemes lasting 8 weeks each. The scheme was hugely successful for us, with now over 50 ladies affiliated to the club. More of our ladies have taken on Level 1 and 2 coaching qualifications as well as umpiring qualifications to continue supporting the club and the Back to Netball League.

Now with 4 teams participating in the Back to Netball League, Forest Netball Club continues to thrive and we are always looking to improve our players’ skills and confidence whilst keeping a fun and social atmosphere too.

England Netball Goalden Globes is an annual event in celebration of netball volunteering across the country. In 2015 our netball coach Mel Cox won the Jean Bourne Back to Netball Award for the East Midlands Region. In 2016 Taylor Thow won the Young Volunteer Award for the East Midlands Region and subsequently went on to win this award for the UK. In 2018 Angela Cox won the Jean Bourne Back to Netball Award for the East Midlands. In 2019 Sherrie Yellop won the Jean Bourne Back to Netball Award for the East Midlands.

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